Eureka Math

Eureka Math Parent Resources

Eureka Math is the math curriculum used by the Gilford School District in grades K-8. This program was written with the Common Core State Standards for mathematics as its foundation. The Common Core and Eureka Math focus on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills learners need to be successful. 

Yes, this math may look different than what you saw in elementary school.
Yes, the way you learned mathematics still works procedurally.
Yes, it may seem confusing initially looking at your child's math papers.


No, the math has not changed. What has changed are the strategies used to help learners approach problems and 
understand mathematics at a conceptual level. 

Common Core and Eureka Math aim to increase the rigor of math. In this case, rigor means a depth of understanding of 
math concepts. It does not mean making math harder or presenting learners with concepts that would normally be taught 
in subsequent grades. To help learners meet the standards, there are three aspects of rigor that are equally important. 1) Learners need to be able to use and apply a variety of strategies to solve a problem and understand what is happening 
at a conceptual level. It's not about just using cute sayings or memorized steps to solve. 2) Learners need speed and accuracy in areas such as basic facts so that they are able to apply these calculations quickly when working on a more complex task. 3) Solid conceptual understanding and procedural fluency then allow learners to correctly apply their knowledge of mathematics to solve problems.

For an broad overview of second grade mathematics, you may view the Parent Roadmap. I also encourage you to visit to create a parent account and view Eureka Math resources that will help to further deepen your understanding of what and how mathematics is being learned.